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Thank you for your business. We sincerely appreciate it and hope that if you are satisfied you will tell your friends & family. If for any reason you have any problems please let us know so we may take care of it.

A verbal agreement is discussed and agreed upon before any film is applied to the customer’s vehicle. Before the film has been applied, it is up to customers to obey all provincial window tint laws. Also, we do not warranty the film from any scratches, knicks or cuts due to normal wear and tear. With especially used vehicles, customers need to be aware that there may be minor dust and or dirt particles in some applications, this is unavoidable.

Please note this a legal disclaimer/waiver releases Alpha Auto Styling from any and all legal obligations that may incur.

About Us – Alpha Auto Styling has been in the auto styling business for the past 10 years with thousands of satisfied customers. Our philosophy is simple. By providing quality products along with quality service we obtain quality customers like yourself and our business will grow. Since we are in the business of window tinting and you are not, we take pride in doing the research for you and providing you with the best products at a reasonable price. You can be assured our window films are the best in the industry with the warranties and service to back it up.

About ComputerCutTM – We use ComputerCutTM, the worlds’ only Cloud (internet) based computerized window tinting system in the world. Using a computer and plotter (cutter) we pre-cut all of the film for your vehicle by computer to exacting dimensions. What does this mean for you? By pre-cutting the film, we eliminate having to manually cut the film on your car which in turn eliminates the possible problems associated with it such as damage caused by a knife, inconsistent and jagged cuts, light gaps, cleanliness, and dirt contamination. ComputerCutTM assures you of a professional installation every time.

About Our Window Film – We install the finest window film on the market today, Our Ceramic MaxCoolIR is a nano ceramic window film that provides higher heat rejection and infrared rejection (IR) than standard dyed or metalized window film. MaxCool IR is engineered to keep the car feeling cooler due to a higher rejection of total solar energy and protect the interior from UVA and UVB rays.

About Window Film – Window film is applied like a window decal except that it is cut to the shape of the window. After it is cut, it is then applied using a soap and water solution to maneuver it into place. Unfortunately, because film goes on top of the glass, and the glass thoroughly, it is virtually impossible to eliminate every little spec of airborne debris from getting between the film and the glass. They may show up as small white bubbles but they will never get any larger and will not affect the lifetime of the film. Please be willing to accept a few of these small bubbles but if you feel you have an unacceptable amount let us know and we will take care of it for you.


Cloudiness or a Milky Appearance -Because of the metalization process which our films undergo, much of the water used in our application process gets trapped between the film and the glass and does not evaporate through the film as easily as a non metalized film. This causes the film to have a “cloudy” or “milky” appearance. DO NOT GET ALARMED! It will disappear but it can take up to a couple of weeks, especially in colder climates. Gradually it will form small cloudy spots and eventually these will go away. If after a couple of weeks you have not seen this cloudiness start to disappear let us know.

Water Bubbles – While we make every effort to squeegee out as much water as possible you may see some small water bubbles. Don’t worry, in most cases these will go away. If after a couple of weeks they have not, you can either push the water out yourself by placing a pinhole at the edge of the bubble and pushing the water out through the hole or return the vehicle and we will take the bubbles out. You may also eliminate any air bubbles you may see in the same manner.

Finger Bubbles – Finger bubble is a name we have coined for small little bubbles which pop up around the edge of the film that look like small fingers. Many times even though these do not show when you pick up the vehicle, they may pop up after you have left. If the bubble is less than two inches long you can easily eliminate it yourself (and save time) by simply taking a credit card and push the bubble out starting at the top and pressing out toward the edge of the film. If the bubble is more than 2 inches then it would be best if you brought it in and had us take it out.

Film Over Dot Matrix – Many cars today have small black dots around the edge of the glass and sometimes in large strips across the tops of rear glass (Mustangs, Accord 2 doors, Cavaliers, Sunbirds, etc). Because these dots are on top of the glass it is virtually impossible for the film to adhere in between each and every dot so small air spaces may appear between each of the dots. I will not affect the adhesion of the film. After a month if you want you can bring the vehicle back and we will push more of it down but we will probably not be able to eliminate all of the air


Do not roll your windows down for 3 – 5 days – We place the film down behind the window weather-stripping but it needs time to adhere to the glass and the water to dry.

Do not use anything abrasive when cleaning the film – Paper towels are fine but do not use any type of scouring pad.

Do not use any window cleaners with ammonia – The best cleaner (and least expensive and healthier) is to use a couple of drops of baby shampoo or dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle.

Do not let go of your seatbelt when you remove it – If you let go of your seatbelt as you remove it sometimes when it recoils it can hit the window and nick the film.

Remember, the film needs time to dry and adhere to the glass therefore it may have some slight distortion and cloudiness which will eventually disappear once the film has completely cured.

If you like the film for your car, please consider film for your home or office. They offer all the advantages of our auto films, heat reduction, fade reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy, security, and energy savings, all without darkening your home or your view.

  • Complete DRY-OUT time, including trapped moisture, water bubbles and cloudy-look take as long as 30 to 60 days after installation to dissipate
  • Customers accept all liability for tints darker than the legal limit of 35%
  • Barely visible seams, borders and dust specks are considered QUALITY WORK
  • Seams will be used wherever glass curve dictates
  • Rubber strips will be removed wherever necessary when glass clearance is required
  • Decals will be removed unless other instructions are given
  • Alpha Auto Styling is not responsible for any malfunctions of the rear defroster or wires
  • Alpha Auto Styling does not assume responsibility for scratches on windows
  • Defects caused by tampering, removal of tint, unauthorized alterations or repairs initiated by customer are not covered under our warranty and is automatically voided

Thanks for your business. We hope to see you again for your vehicles next upgrade!

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